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Enliven is Work, Life Balance. 

Our Team is Our Priority. 

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Who We Are

Joining Enliven Real Estate makes you part of a unique real estate and homebuilding legacy that has lasted over 100 years and into four generations.  Our commitment to our clients and customers is to provide the finest experience in an ever changing and challenging environment.

Our Philosophy to Real Estate

At Enliven Real Estate we integrate the highest standards of honesty, ethics and business practices.  We utilize our marketplace knowledge to deliver positive outcomes and create the best value for our clients. 

Our Vision

To build a team of highly knowledgeable and respectful real estate professionals with a focus on a balanced work life perspective for long term success.

Mentoring Opportunities

Thinking about a new career?  New to the Real Estate Profession?  Excited to manage your own business?  We will show you, support you and mentor you to prosper!


Enliven Real Estate embraces and strives to incorporate the best technology available to assist you in growing your business.

Support Network

The Management Group along with the entire Enliven Team are here to support each other.  Our focus is in encouraging  a positive, creative and sharing environment for achieving your goals.

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